a tiny drag n drop game for #GrowJam!
(fullscreen recommended!)

  • [click and drag] to place plants wherever you want them.
  • [right click] a plant to delete it.
  • click the icons on the top right to restart, save, or load.
  • plant yourself a garden!
  • share what you make (tweet to #horticouturegame), if you'd like!

i was planning to include a few more features (like more types of plants, some animations, the option to mirror plants, etc), and i especially want to get this game working better on touch devices, but i ran up against construct's free event limit for the time being. i'd love to make another game like this in the future, though! it was super relaxing to work on!

✦ ✦ ✦
("pamgaea" by kevin macleod @ incompetech.com licensed under CC BY 3.0, no changes made ✦ sfx from fins, rhodesmas, soughtaftersounds, nenadsimic @ freesound.org)


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Maybe it is not a "game" but it fits the theme, and the art is outstanding, really good art =D