The end of the world is celebrating its birthday.

A short twine made for ClockworkMagpie's extremely neat Magical Realism Jam! For once, I did kind of commit to brevity! I wanted to experiment with a more easygoing, forthcoming narrator and a setting that may feel familiar, but is ultimately bizarre and explains pretty much nothing about itself.

Like most of the things I post here, I might come back to this to improve or expand on it in the future. And I might do more @MagicRealismBot-themed twines in the future, too! There are tons of other interesting concepts I noticed while picking out a tweet for this jam. :0

Thanks to the jam host (@amijlee) and the creator of @MagicalRealismBot (@chrisrodley) for a great jam and a lot of great ideas!

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Published 1 year ago
Tagsmagical-realism, Twine

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