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❝ who do you think you are? ❞

Who Do You Think You Are is an upcoming exploration game that emphasizes atmosphere and flavortext. You play as a rudely-awoken homeowner who seeks to restore order to a strange mansion after something goes bump in the night. Made for #MyFirstGameJam in January 2016, the original demo is about 10-25 minutes long, with nine maps to explore and several items to collect, examine, and make use of. You can look at almost everything — don't neglect those shelves, walls, and drawers.

The 2016 demo was my first completed RPGMaker project. As MFGJ was coming to a close, I realized that I wanted to flesh out the concept into a full-length game, and WDYTYA has remained in-progress since then. An updated demo is anticipated in early 2017! The eventual full version will also include some amount of supplemental prose material (in PDF form).

Who Do You Think You Are is an eerie, claustrophobic narrative about identity, guilt, and the shadows that haunt old houses.

  • arrow keys to move (default)
  • or WASD to move (download wdytya-demo-wasd.zip)
  • shift to run
  • enter or spacebar to confirm or interact (examine, use, open doors, etc)
  • esc to access menu or cancel

WDYTYA is an RPG Maker VX Ace game developed for #myfirstgamejam. It features custom free non-commercial use tilesets and audio assets by various talented creators. For a full list of credits, click here. For the original devlog, click here. For a list of known bugs, click here.

In the future, I'd love to (and I plan to) revisit this project! I really want to flesh it out more fully in terms of writing, gameplay, and graphics. For now, please enjoy what I've managed so far!

Special thanks to my cool tester and to everyone participating in the jam! You guys are super inspiring and this has been an amazing experience. Thank you so much!

(A guide can be made available if necessary - contact me if you would like it! Also feel free to contact me about any bugs you find, or if you're interested in LPing, streaming, or beta-testing WDYTYA.)

Install instructions

  1. Download file
  2. Extract
  3. Run .exe
  4. Let me know if you run into any problems!

I've included the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP in the current build, but if you ever need the RTP in general, here's a link.

UPDATE 1/30/16: By request, I've created a WASD-exclusive version using the Full Input Keyboard script by Cidiomar R. Dias Junior. If you can only use or exclusively prefer WASD movement, download wdytya-demo-wasd.zip!


wdytya-demo.zip 236 MB
wdytya-demo-wasd.zip 236 MB


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I love the bejeeses out of this game like DAMN

thank you so much!!! I LOVE THAT YOU LOVE IT <3